Monday, September 10, 2007


Really Amazing!!
It is the only way to describe it. So different from anything I have ever seen. We walked around the Pottala Palace this morning and went to a temple and monastery yesterday. These were truly mind blowing. To see a working monastery was crazy and the temple with all of the pilgrims was so unexpected.

Apart from that we are dealing with the altitude..sore joints and walking up the stairs is really hard. A few headaches.

The biggest shock was that I got conjunctivitis. It started on the day we arrived, and I woke up in the night and it was full blown. Found a pharmacy and after a call home to find the medicine name I located it Phew. It is under control but my eyes are red and swollen...attractive...not!

The worst is I can not wear my contact lenses so need to wear glasses, so no sun glasses which is terrible as it hurts my eyes as it is so bright here. So I made the decision to stay in today and give them a rest. The others are off to either a monastery or a school for the blind being run by a German lady (the incidents of eye disease and blindness is high in Tibet due to harsh conditions).

Apart from that the bikes arrived and we all assembled them yesterday. Very exciting. We start riding on Wed. Not sure if there will be much internet after this time but will update when I can.


Brenda said...

Good luck Monique!!! Very exciting that the time has arrived and you are really there, ready to ride! Keep warm, Brenda

David said...

Good luck with the biking.. I always found (from bitter experience) that it helps to see where you are going.. Take care....David

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